3D : The third Dan

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Reference points are the connections that we use to make sense of things. To contextualise. 3D models take us from 2D images or vice versa. Being able to link reference points is working with individual ingredients to get a greater whole. So today’s musing is sparked by yesterday’s blog entry H2O ending: 3 parts making a greater whole.

During the course of yesterday I had links to three Daniels. All sharing a first name in common, while each a unique individual.

I don’t know if I’m playing some kind of reference point Bingo, but last night when I sat down to watch Quantum of Solace, I smiled as I realised that the actor playing Bond, was the third Daniel of the day; the first I’d spoken to on the phone and the second I’d bumped into while taking a walk.

We are all trying to contextualise, well at least I think we are. Or maybe it’s just me. Grouping ideas and thoughts in my brain, which I can link, has a sense of order and purpose and an anchor point for the use of information later.

Some years back my sister and I did a cookery night school. Mediterranean Cookery: from pasta to paella. Alliteration there. The connection of two letters by repetition. Bingo.

My big take away from the course tutor was that, although he gave us all the same recipes, he assured us that each of our dishes would no doubt taste different, if compared one to another.

And so is the joy of life and creativity. We all have ingredients, reference points to work with, and we all end up with different outcomes.

I like it best when reference points spark, but sometimes these connections form gradually or are realised when thinking or doing something else. I’ve found toilet breaks can be such times. Inspiration from the throne, so to speak.

I’ve not thought of a picture to put with this yet, but hey I think it’s just sparked. No throne break required. I’m going to dig out a business card, which I created for one of my sister’s old school friends. He liked to give gifts of chocolates to ladies. I was never the recipient of such a gift, but the maker of a calling card he would leave with his gifts. He was inspired by the ‘Man from Milktray’ adverts, which featured a Bond like character delivering chocolates by feats of daring. And, that is where my perhaps tenuous pictorial link comes from, espionage and intrigue. Which is also part of the title for today’s musing, a pun which nods to movies and the iconic black and white classic, The Third Man. I’ll leave you with the link to the theme tune below.

Some joke calling cards made for a friend back in the late 80s.

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