Location as character

Developing a location as character has been the first brief of my MA. I love people and I love a bargain, so the natural location for me was somewhere that I loved, a market.

Being brought up in Wimborne, my local market was the obvious choice. Research and development was fascinating.

If I can find out how, I will attach the script and my research, so that you can follow the journey to the end result. Bargain a one-minute film, which the director and production team further developed into what they saw as a commercial, advertising that there is ‘something for everyone’ at Wimborne Market.

My own premise for the piece was the underlying notion of value and worth: something that cannot be measured as it differs for everyone. The market reflects this as items change hands and over the years objects can just circulate around and around, so something that was once a treasured item can become viewed as worthless.

Listen to my authored radio documentary.