A flood of Noah conversations, thank you Mr. Aronofsky

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I say thank you to Aronofsky for opening the flood gates to so much debate. I’m sure the story of Noah hasn’t been reviewed and discussed in so much detail by so many people for years.

As to the movie, well not my cup of tea. As I watched it I could hear the words of my Masters tutor ‘that’s convenient’ resounding in my ears at moves in the plot. Twins, yeah right. Convenient – you’ll understand if you’ve seen the film.

I think that the script would have made a better stage play. Ditch the CGI & the overpowering soundtrack, saying ‘this is dramatic’. As to the adaptation of the original story: the writers’ artistic license could have been so much more imaginative. The thing I did appreciate was the exploration of Noah’s angst, the idea that what he was being asked to do carried such responsibility and he didn’t know how to handle it.

Here’s to more discussions about big stories 🙂

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