Letting go of expectations

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A friend of mine organised a creative reflective spot in an old church. A time to explore a theme with a bunch of people. She chose wire and we explored how wires connect and lets current flow through.

The hands on side was fun as she put out some wires for us to play with, to create and model a form. I thought I’d make a star, but angles just weren’t natural to the material.

Then I spotted a friend making a flower, so I thought ah… loops and twists. Now I was working with the wire and not against it. The loops flowed and then inspired I dinked the loops to make petals. Then pching 3D moulding grew as the current of inspiration flowed. Fun.

Afterwards someone discarded their wire and said I could have it. They had worked it into a red ball with a multi-coloured tail, which they clearly thought wasn’t useful. But no, this became the flower bud and stem.

Then as I pottered to find the wire cutters and snip a bit of green to take home, I found someone else had dropped some twiddled green. Together the three parts became a greater whole.
My lesson : Let go of expectations. There are so many more connections and inspirations than we’ve yet imagined.

Wire flower






Wire to make

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