Saved in the edit

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My writing tutor had told me that writers make good editors, in terms of content. This I have found to be very true.

But I appreciate the skill of the video editors even more than I did at the beginning.

After many hours of listening to audio and looking at pictures, the story is unfolding. I like pithy, fast moving images and this is just what we are producing. I’ve hit on the idea of showcasing the highlights of the content in what I am calling a ‘documercial’. Something that can be used for viral marketing as well as on the website and can be used in our final presentation. A three-point win.

The creative energy in the editing room is exciting and bacon butties are fueling the thinking and activity.

Art Circles is taking shape. I keep telling the team that we could have had this energy from the beginning and I have been waving a book of post-it notes from my bag that I’d brought for brainstorming from the outset of the project. But, the upside of this is that my creativity is being stretched, even if not in the way I had hoped.  But, hey maybe it has given the writer’s role credibility and understanding.

The editors definitely earn their keep. It’s been such fun to make the journey together. And, the product that is surfacing. It’s looking great.

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