Content v concept round 2

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Finally I feel that the writer’s role is being understood. Anthony Richmond-Turner is a hit and I am being invited to join the editing. Yeehaa!

Again I’ve said that this is the wrong way round, the script should have been created first, but I am taking on the challenge. I’m not a happy bunny in terms of production route, but a product is arriving, its just not at all the way to work. Perhaps a Caesarean birth!

The aim is produce documentaries of featured artists and their work. I’ve made documentaries for radio and produced and written video before, but this way around is almost editing. I can best describe it a video sculpture.

16 years of press and public relations is the skillset that I am drawing on, nothing that has been part of my MA writing at all. My group is  like my client and I have to construct their message. So, it’s back to basics Who? Why? Where? What? When? and How?

But, I am encouraged in my writer’s quest.  Thanks to Twitter and my blog posts, I’m now being followed by There are people out there who already understand where I am coming from and they have stretched the hand of camaraderie across the ether.

It’s a small world though. I did some checking and one of my new media tribe used to work at BUmedia school teaching screenwriting. The world is getting smaller!

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