Community broadcasting

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As part of our project we will be using the BU media streams of TV and radio, but locally we have Hope FM and Bay FM two community stations that will be able to take our Podcasts.

I’m a real fan of community radio so I’ve picked up a book about community TV. The introduction says it all. “It inspires the individual to have confidence in their community to have an idea about how they should live (and how they might live) and to explore how to realise their vision in practical terms’ ” (Creating Local Television, Rushton, 1997. p.xiv).

This is why I got involved with community radio and it is definitely a boon for our project. We have settled on the website as the hub for all our information and it will have a ‘push’ and ‘pull’ delivery system so that users can either fetch information or have it delivered to them. For me this is the future of all communications. Even if you buy a product on Amazon you are told what other people who bought that product also bought. And if you’re an iPad user then you will use Flipboard.

The 21st century storyteller has to be a shapeshifter!

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