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I like playing with words, so I think that Art Circles is the name for our concept. The content is still taking the lead and as a communicator this is frustrating, but I will keep the ideas flowing.

When all is said and done any communication is about knowing your audience. Art Circles is about cultural integration. In fact as an artist I can see that there is a lack of communication in this area. It has been part of the public service remit, but it can seem so niche and maybe even high-brow. If the content is going to be delivered in a successful transmedia format then it has to do more than current models.

Pertti citing from BRU (The Broadcasting Research Unit 1985) writes; “Public service broadcasters ‘should recognize their special relationship to the sense of national identity and community’.  The author continues that “it ranks the duty of providing ‘a reference point for all members of the public and a factor of social cohesion and integration of all individuals, groups and communities'”. (Pertti, p.199)

This is a challenge for our project. We are going to have to go beyond what has been done in the past, from storytelling to storyselling.

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