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Having worked in Community Radio for 6 years, I’m so aware that audience engagement can be fleeting. Unless you grab their attention, then they’re on to the next thing.

Beautiful art and creativity is great, but there is a reason that most people don’t engage with it: They think that it’s not for them.

I did a week on newdesk at the Bournemouth Echo some years ago and know that even in daily papers information has to find a level at which people want to engage with it. So, I’m off to create a character who will bridge the gap between the high brow and the everyday. Someone that people will instantly love to hate. Someone that can make the content of the project appertising. Someone that will start to give shape and form to concept.

This is going to be fun 🙂 This is writing. This is creative.

Not all of the group is convinced, but I have a dream and some inspiration!

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