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I’m looking forward to working in team on this production. Viewing projects from many perspectives can bring clarity and creative energy. For me transmedia is all about narratives in different flavours. It’s about association and engagement with an audience. The storyteller has always had to engage with their audience and make a connection. Now thanks to developments in technology the possibilities are endless.

But the art of engagement with the audience is the hook. Reading the lovely academic sandwich that is Textual Poacher¬† we learn that: “The reader’s activity is no longer seen simply as the task of recovering the author’s meanings but also as reworking borrowed materials to fit them into the context of the lived experience” (Jenkins 1992, p. 51).

So now the story has to be tailored to the consumer. Back to my narratives in different flavours theory. Example steak, steak pie, beefburger, sausage, meatballs, ready meal, microwave, boil in the bag, tinned etc…..however the audience likes to taste and digest its stories.

Hmm a challenge for the writer being all things to all people, a challenge for the industry in terms of where to invest their resources or which horse to back so to speak (good job we don’t live in France).

The white board a good starting point for any project

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